P. O’Connor’s Carriage Facility

This former industrial building at 570 East York Street frames the southeastern Trust Lot of Greene Ward in the Savannah National Historic Landmark District.  The property consists of two semi-attached commercial structures built in 1878 and ca.1890 for P. O’Connor’s Carriage Facility.  The entire structure was renovated from 1972-1973 for an office use.

Wall Street Investors, LLC purchased the property in 2015.  The program included a full rehabilitation of the structure for continued office use with updated architectural features.  Ward Architecture + Preservation completed federal and state historic rehabilitation tax incentive documentation and applications for the owner.   The rehabilitation plans, prepared by LS3P Dawson Architects, included an open concept office design with meeting spaces and service areas that retained and enhanced the historic character of the former industrial building.

The income producing use, along with the amount of work and expenses needed, allowed the rehabilitation to qualify for state and federal historic rehabilitation tax incentives.   These incentives include a state property tax freeze for an eight to ten year period, a state income tax credit of 25% of qualifying rehabilitation expenses, and a federal income tax credit of 20% of qualifying rehabilitation expenses and for the property owner.  Documentation and written applications needed to obtain these incentives were prepared by Ward Architecture + Preservation.  Rehabilitation of the building was completed in 2017 and the tax incentives certified by both the State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service.


Project Team

LS3P Dawson Architects

Ward Architecture + Preservation

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