413 East 34th Street

Renovation of a ca. 1916 residence was undertaken from 2007 through 2008.  Located in Savannah, Georgia, the property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a contributing historic resource to the Thomas Square Streetcar National Register Historic District.  After years of neglect and conversion into a duplex, this historic structure was renovated and returned back into its side-hall, single-family house form.  The largest transformation on the exterior occurred when the vinyl siding was removed, which revealed many hidden architectural details and the distinctive craftsmanship of the time.  The interior walls and ceilings were re-plastered, wood floors re-finished, wood windows re-hung, and great care was taken to preserve any historic features.   The kitchen layout was reorganized with flat panel European style cabinets, which clearly differentiate the new work from the old.  This project met all of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and received state tax credits for a rehabilitated historic property.