Savannah Water Works

This planning assessment was undertaken to identify immediate and long-term stabilization requirements for the City of Savannah and future rehabilitation efforts.  Ward Architecture + Preservation collaborated with a team of experts to provide a comprehensive Historic Structures Report of the Savannah’s Water Works Pump Station. The project consisted of historical research, documentation of existing conditions, identification of character defining features, building assessment, and stabilization recommendations for the historic structure.

Owned by the City of Savannah, the 19,193 square foot industrial building was constructed from 1891 to 1893 to serve the Savannah area water supply.  It was being used by the Sanitation Department for storage at the time of the project.  The masonry structure is an excellent example of turn-of-the century industrial architecture with terra cotta ornamentation throughout. Damage, deferred maintenance, and incompatible uses over time led to a deteriorated condition. The resulting report, completed in 2014, provided an evaluation of the architectural and structural integrity of the building, prioritization of needed repairs, and preservation of the historic structure following best preservation practices consistent with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.


Project Team

Felder & Associates

Ward Architecture + Preservation

Tharpe Engineering Group

Coastal Civil Engineering

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J.T. Turner Construction